Throwing Light On The Nourishing Aspect Of A Chicken And Rice Casserole Recipe

Chicken and rice casserole recipe can be made in a lot of different ways. Nevertheless the main ingredients remain the same with or without the broth. Just like there are different types of chicken curry recipe offerings, in the same way there is a diversity of preparation modes for this one also. The serving size can differ also and by that regard, most probably the nutritional content may vary as well. Whatever the case may be, it is a delicious and convenient meal that is filling also. In other words, one does not have to worry about having a seven course dinner or lunch accompanied by appetizers. They can just prepare this and get done with their cooking expedition.

Calorific Contribution

Basically the ingredients consist of half a pound of chicken breasts, about half a cup of rice and the same measurement for mushroom soup as the rice. The serving size can increase also but all of that depends upon the number of people who will be there on the dining table. In the light of the calorific content, the different nutrients contribute their respective shares of calories. About 577 calories are in total, out of which the carbs have the majority share of 375 while protein and fat add a relatively minor chunk of these energy units, around 78 and 124 respectively.

Other Nutritional Essentials

Basically the daily requirement for calories in a human body is two thousand so judging from what this dish contributes, it fulfills about 29 percent of that particular requisite. As for the nutrients, the carbohydrates contain both the pure form that has a dominant percentage as well as digestible fiber. Then there is fat which is made up of polyunsaturated fat as well as saturated fat, the former about three times more than the latter. Last but not the least, protein is also part of the nutrients, which is an essential component for a balanced diet.

In the light of the aforementioned facts and figures, this sounds like a really wholesome food that meets the basic requirements for a healthy intake. To sum it up, it is definitely worth the preparation from a dietary perspective. All in all trying a chicken and rice casserole recipe promotes taste and nutrition at the same time, a combination that is not very frequent to encounter.

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