Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard and Off Your Pets With Natural Outdoor Tick Repellent

2012 Tick season May Be Worst Yet – Government Parks and Homeowners Turn to Unique Garlic Juice

Everyone knows what a flea is, but some people have managed to avoid running into its big brother, the tick. Ticks are 8-legged creatures that, like fleas, feast on the blood of animals and use it to fertilize their eggs. One female tick can lay thousands of larvae after a single blood meal – that’s right, thousands. Tick larvae feed off the blood of humans or animals, just like their parents, and these larvae are actually the most likely to transmit Lyme disease or any one of the other deadly diseases carried by ticks.

Don’t get me wrong – adult male and female ticks are perfectly capable of carrying and transferring any number of tick borne diseases onto their host, be it animal or human, but their larvae have actually been found to have the highest chances of passing a disease on. You can’t see their larvae most of the time, and the small amount of natural anesthetic that ticks apply before biting keeps you from feeling a thing. If you haven’t done anything to protect yourself from the coming tick season this summer, it is important that you act before it’s too late.

The winter of 2011 was a very mild one, and the warm temperatures allowed for many ticks that would have otherwise been unable to survive to not only survive, but even flourish in some areas. As we pass through spring into summer, the rising temperatures are predicted to send the current tick population soaring to levels unlike we have seen in a very long time. With the cases of Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and many other diseases that come from ticks already on the rise, experts agree that individual effort is going to be very important this year.

Even the smallest outdoor area can prove to be a fantastic place for a tick to wait for its next meal, so outdoor tick repellent is truly a must. Field testing conducted by the USDA showed that a unique garlic extract known as Mosquito Barrier is able to kill tick larvae and keep adult ticks out of grassy or dirt areas for 4 weeks with a single application. 4 weeks is much longer than most commercial pesticides for ticks, and this special garlic extract is completely safe for your plants, your pets, your family, and your environment.

Mosquito Barrier is 99.3% pure garlic extract, but it isn’t just any old garlic that is used to make this USDA proven repellent. Garlic Research Labs, the makers of Mosquito Barrier, devised a special strain of garlic that is able to repel insects better and for longer amounts of time in its liquid form than any other garlic in the world. Referred to as “super garlic” by its makers, this garlic juice can be sprayed on virtually any outdoor area to ensure that ticks won’t come anywhere near.

You can order this product directly from the Mosquito Barrier website. You can also find out how much of this garlic juice you’ll need for a property of your size – bottle sizes are available from small bottles that are suitable for small apartments or city residencies, to gallon jugs that can keep half an acre tick free for the entire summer. Don’t wait for the ticks to swarm your house: place your order early and be the only one of your neighbors that can spend the afternoon outside without a single bug bite this summer. Hey, maybe you can even fill them in on the secret if you’re feeling generous.

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