How to Tie Dye Socks

Having many pairs of white socks is not as boring as one would have imagined. The best alternative way is to discover the ultimate and exciting way to make these socks more appealing and exciting. Tie dye socks offer you the satisfaction and excitement of designing your own unique tie dye socks.

There are just simple steps to make your own tie dye socks. First, choose white socks made from pure cotton or at least have high composition of cotton. This is because cotton absorbs dye better than any other clothing materials like polyester and Lycra. Socks made from Polyester materials do not absorb dye while colors do not stick in Lycra.

Mix a packet of fabric dye in a bowl of hot water following the instructions indicated in the label. Moisten the pair of socks and make your own stripe designs by wrapping them with rubber bands or using buttons to make ring patterns. You can play around colors to match your desired designs by using a variety of dyes. For more appealing and fantastic patterns, you can search the internet for other variations like animal, twister or sprinkle designs.

If you opt to dye the entire sock, you can just easily drip the socks with fiber-reactive dye. If you like the color to be darker, you can add three or more dyes depending on the shade that you want. Too much color combination though would turn your tie dye socks into brown color.

Once dyed, let your tie dye socks dry overnight and keep them in at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. You can wash them after but be sure not to wash them along with other clothing since some dye fade. Look for dyes that are specifically made for fabric and do not bleed in cloths and be sure to use non-toxic dyes.

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