Toys that Do Not Need Batteries

In the past decade or so there has been a remarkably small number of toys that come without batteries and that do not need batteries or a power socket to recharge them. In this age of hyper realistic video games and ever more technologically advanced toys that all boast remotes and Wi-Fi as well or Bluetooth interfaces and can do peer to peer gaming simple little toys like magnet balls are something of an oddity.

Perhaps it is because they are so out of the ordinary that magnet balls have done so well in terms both of their sales as well as popularity in the last year or so. For people who have had too much of iPhone games and little helicopters that they fly around with remotes these simple little magnetic balls that have endless possibilities are the most intriguing thing. Not only can you make a literally never ending amount of shapes and figures in one, two or even three dimensions with a set of magnet balls when you are tired you can simply enjoy the pleasing sensation of watching and feeling two or more of these magnet balls snap together with a little click. Not only are they are great little mind teaser they are also a great conversation piece and bring a little character to any space, which is why you see magnet balls so often in office cubicles or on desks of busy executives as often as you see them in children’s hands.

The only other toy that has gained close to this much popularity in the past couple of years is the Super Soaker water gun from companies like Nerf. Once again, for many of the same reasons one will observe. Like magnet balls, water guns too are simple, need no batteries and provide endless fun for people of all ages.

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