How To Get Trackphone Minutes For Free

A lot of people have trackphones and appreciate not having a monthly bill but would like to be able to purchase the Trackphone minutes at a better price. In today’s article I will share my secrets with you for getting free or cheap Tracphone minutes every time I purchase minutes for my cell phone.

Trackphone is the most flexible of any of the cell phone service providers because they don’t require you to commit to a long-term contract and you aren’t subjected to a credit check in order to get one. All you need to do to use a Trackfone is purchase the phone, purchased a minute’s card, activate the phone, and you’re up and running. You don’t have to give your real name when you activate it.

This first tip will save you half of what you normally have to pay for Trackphone minutes. The secret is to buy a double minutes for life card. Once you purchase this card and add it to your Trackfone, any future minutes that you add to your cell phone will automatically double every time you add minutes. This means that if you buy a 120 minute card and activate it on your phone, your phone will be credited with 240 minutes.

Now let’s talk about the second secret that I promised you. This secret is to always use a Trackfone promo code when you add minutes to your cell phone. Trackphone sends out text messages to all their customers with promo codes in them. The text message might say something like “use this code when you buy a 200 minute Trackfone card and get 20 minutes for free”. Then, if you add a 200 minute card to your Trackfone you will get 400 minutes credited to the phone because of your double minutes for life card plus another 20 minutes because you use the promo code. This results in a grand total of 420 minutes for the price of 200 minutes!

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  1. Tracfone is great and these are good suggestions. Another good idea is to make sure your phone has Double minutes so you’ll get twice as many minutes as you pay for!

  2. Great ideas! Be sure to use the Google to check for promo codes. Sometimes there a little hard to find but well worth it. And if your phone doesn’t already have Double minutes, don’t buy a card, just get a new phone. They’re as cheap as $10 with Double minutes or you can get a nicer one for around $30 which is a solid value.

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