Traditional Thai Spa Ingredients

The Eastern cultures have been harnessing the healing powers of medicinal herbs for centuries and whilst a properly balanced diet is the foundation of a healthy constitution and disposition the Thai’s also believe that nourishment in the form of essential nutrients can also be absorbed through our skin.  In the West whilst we have been using fruits and vegetables for a refreshing snack or beverage the spas in Thailand have been harnessing the ingredients for skin and body treatments for centuries.

Many of the ingredients listed below you can expect to find in a traditional Thai spa that have been have been cited for their curative properties and empathy with the skin:
Aloe Vera: The gel is extracted from the leaf and used on burns and sunburn it has wonderful healing and anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in vitamin E.
Camphor: Herbal bathing rituals are considered a way of life in traditional Thai spa’s, where the leaves of camphor are infused to create steam baths. The menthol vapors release a fragrance much like menthol that has a wonderful healing effect on the respiratory system, helping to relieve coughs and colds.
Frangipani. This is a highly revered and very exotic smelling plant that offers a heady intoxicating smell. Found flowering among Buddhist temples it is often included in body moisturizers for its sweet aroma.
Gourd leaf: Known as Bai Buap is used in Ananda cited as the best spa in the world. It is used, as a signature treatment body wrap due to it’s wonderful moisturizing properties and ability to help soothe red and irritated skin.
Kaffir: This ingredient can be found in many shampoos and conditioners, as it works to stimulate hair growth and eliminate dandruff leaving hair soft and shiny
Sesame: Otherwise known, as Nga is a wonderful anti aging oil that works as a moisturizer helping to soften the skin

Ultimately detox, exfoliate, restore and rejuvenate are all the goals of a spa treatment and in the East it often difficult to distinguish between the treatments in terms of health and beauty, as many of the herbal ingredients are virtually dependent on each other, working to bring the body back into balance and harmony.

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