True Love Never Dies – But What Is True Love?

True love is forever. Why then do half of the marriages in the world end in divorce, and why are so many couples always breaking up? Simple, they don’t know true love. What’s true love then? True love is unconditional love. And no, that’s not just limited to mothers and God. Ordinary humans can do it too… but that doesn’t mean it’s easy 🙂

Unconditional love is when you love someone not for certain aspects of them that can change, but you love them for their innermost essence… their soul even, if you will. Unconditional love is when you still love someone no matter how much they change, no matter how ugly they become, and no matter how many stupid things they do or how much they may hurt you. Unconditional love is something that perseveres even when it may hurt you or when it seems to go completely against your own best interests. So, yeah, it’s not for the faint of heart. It takes true courage to love even just one person unconditionally, and that’s something not a lot of people have.

So, most people in relationships don’t really love each other. They might think they do, but for the most part they’re just infatuated or horny or lonely. Most relationships are based on someone’s needs. They either need “someone to be with” or they need someone to have sex with or something. There’s always some kind of an outcome that they want… the love isn’t its own reward.

True unconditional love doesn’t need a relationship to thrive, and it doesn’t need any kind of outcome whatsoever. Just to be able to experience unconditional love is its own reward.

The average modern romantic relationship is actually very limiting with regards to true love. Jealousy is a commonly accepted feeling – it’s considered normal. But jealousy and true love don’t actually go together at all. If you truly unconditionally love someone, why would you ever feel jealous if they spend time with other people, or even if they love other people besides you? You just wouldn’t – because love is a good thing, and therefore more love can only be better. And if spending time with other people makes that person happy, then that makes you happy too because you enjoy seeing that person happy. Jealousy is actually quite insane when you think about it like that. It’s quite incompatible with true love.

But that doesn’t mean that if you ever feel the slightest hint of jealousy, that doesn’t mean you don’t truly love the person. You could just be having a moment of weakness… as I said above, unconditional love isn’t for the faint of heart, and it takes a lot of courage to keep it up. You’re only human, and nobody is perfect… I doubt anyone on the planet is 100% capable of unconditional love anyway. But it’s worth it to see how close you can get because it really is one of the most awesome things you can do or experience.


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About The Meaning Of Love

I write about love because I have always been deeply bothered by society’s definitions of love and how most people talk about love, and everything they associate with it. I have given this topic years of thought, and always found it extremely hard to explain my thoughts in actual words. How do you explain something as abstract and unexplainable as love? Sometimes the topic comes up on forums and I always respond to people as best I can. At first I was terrible at getting my point across, but after enough attempts I actually started to make some sense to myself. Then one day I realized I had typed quite a lot, and I never seem to run out of steam on this topic, so why not write some full articles about it? Click my little picture on the left to see all my articles.

24 Replies to “True Love Never Dies – But What Is True Love?”

  1. It’s very confusing.. You should have love in relationships, but you should love everyone. How do you tell the difference between relationship love and loving your neighbors?

  2. Hear! But as we know deceiptive love is order of d day so how do we know d different btw true love and deceiptive or some1 deceiving and showing unconditionally?

  3. everyboy already know, true love is a game of death. Hummm!when D person showing unconditional love betray what most going 2 happening?

  4. God is Love! Love is God! 1John4:8 We may have long debates, books, and discussions about love but the Bible says ‘you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free’ John8:32. This Truth is God, so this Truth is Love! Love will set you FREE! Without God there is no Love-in all relationships and or attemps to love. Today we have dead marriages, dead families, dead ‘relationships’, we have skeletons on our societies because of lack of Love, lack of God! This is true people of God! God Loves you! Come to Love-come to your God and you will experience unconditional Love! I use a capital letter L because this Love is High! Amen. Say Amen somebody!

  5. love is a higher sense of the earth wich mever dies and yes in order to experience un conditional love you have to be close to were it eminates and we all know that god is love so have god in you and the rest is history good luck.

  6. well holy name took all the words in my mouth. love is realy of God & if there is no God in a relationship there is no love. love is 2 know God & have a personal relationship with god & u wil know wat is deep trully uncorditonal love. in dis planet i don’t think there is some1 who has ever loved bcoz these days pple get married for all the material things & that is love the pple know “mostly without money there is no love”

  7. .. true love is a feeling that could never disappear ..
    its a feeling that i’ve feel now..

  8. about unconditional love, if more love is better, but how do you choose of who to love?

    Also, if you think you love someone and you want them to achieve in their studies or at school to the best of their abillity, is that still unconditional love?

  9. well,lurv are blind..but lurvs will never dies,..n one things u should know is we can’t born without lurv… n it’s was very pain…think again,,if theres no love exist in ths world is there people live in this world???hahaha..n yet people keep searching 4 it…

  10. Hi,
    I love your comments about love and have just recently put up a post about my experience today. I would love it if you were able to get feedback about what you think/feel.


  11. Hi, I read your post. I believe it is possible to have it all… unconditional love and lust and that thing that makes your heart feel all gooey. All at the same time, with the same person. Also, trust, understanding and honesty and respect… I know this is possible because I personally have someone like that in my life… but we’re not really ‘together’ in that sense. Your perspective in your post actually reminded me of him, I think he has a lot of uncertainties and fears he needs to deal with…

    So if you do come across someone like that, it’s probably not a terribly bad idea to go for it. 🙂

  12. love is learning to see the beauty in everything…… is not true meaning in love.

  13. HIIIIIIIIIII the true meaning of love is love is kind love is truth love is honest and love is patient. love is the gift of the lord so love means GOD IS LOVE AND GOD IS LOVE

  14. true love means,you are happy to be with that person and you don’t want to lose that person.
    but first of all love yourself before you love them.

  15. After brwsing the different comments and articles in love, I believe there is no true love any person who is a so called human. This beacsue most of the love human claim to posses is all dependent on certain aspects in the object that lures their love. Therefore true Love which is unconditional is only forund in the Source of Love or Love Himeself (God) Who always love people Unconditionlly.

  16. True love mean somebody having agape love(i .e) the person will be there 4or you always

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