Would They Ever Make True Muscle Cars Again?

Ford and Chevy will continue to produce Mustangs and Camaros after their introduction in the sixties. The concern happens to be that these cars at this point are nothing like the powerful muscle cars they once were. Will we ever have the opportunity to experience a car that has a 327 and a 4 barrel carburetor again? The sad truth is we will probably never see those sorts of cars again.

The true problem is that people want to constantly upgrade things just for the sake of it. One example is the classic 1967 Camaro, which is recognized as the all time great muscle car. Although it received many honors and was highly sought after, Chevy stopped producing it. The same goes for the 1966 Mustang, which happens to be another classic that Ford just decided was not worth making.

Here is the funny thing. The VW Bug had been Volkswagen’s most well-liked model back in the day, so they re-introduced it many years after the initial version was no longer in production. Even though the new Bug sold great they would have sold more if they just went back to the old style of Bug. It’s difficult to succeed if you constantly believe that doing things a new way is always better.

Let me suggest one thing take into consideration. If Chevy sprang out with a new Camaro with a 327 engine and 4 barrel carburetor, and if they left out all the computer equipment and built the car like they used to, how many of you would want one? I’ve asked hundreds of people throughout the years and the response was all the same: they would definitely get one. Therefore what could be the difficulty? If people want the good old days, when is some car company intending to give people what they desire.

What will it take for GM or Ford to choose to make those classic muscle cars again? I can almost guarantee that people are going to be lining up to get these new American classics. However until these firms start listening to their customers, you’ll have people looking for old muscle cars to restore.

You never know perhaps someday a muscle car enthusiast will end up with an important position in one of those major automobile companies and be able to talk some sense into them. As of right this moment, the prevailing leaders simply assume adding new technology will make a better muscle car. Personally I think it is time to get back to the fundamentals. More information in test vocacional and negocios rentables

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