How to unblock YouTube at school

Is your school censoring the internet? YouTube is blocked, and you’d like to unblock it? You’d like to visit YouTube, and its being blocked by the school administrators?

The easiest way to get access to YouTube at school is to use a proxy website. You can access all other blocked sites this way. You’ll find lists of proxy sites right at the end of this article.

The trick is to find a proxy that isn’t used much. Proxies that get used a lot will get discovered and blocked sooner. Most proxies found by internet searches will be blocked quickly because they’re so obvious. Even if you get a good proxy it’s always wise to have a few others you can try if your main one gets blocked.

A proxy is like a gateway that work between your computer and the site you’re visiting. The proxy goes to the site you want in your place, accesses the page, and forwards it to you. So the site you’re trying to visit never sees your IP. So, basically you are surfing websites in an indirect way. School firewalls only think you are accessing the proxy, not the real site.

An alternative method of unblocking YouTube at school is to make your own proxy tool. This is harder than just using a proxy but it’s a lot nicer to have because you’re in control. How to do this is beyond the scope of this article, but if you search for “How to make your own proxy” you will find info. You can even make some money from your proxy by putting ads on it.

Other ways to get on YouTube are by using sites that translate pages, like Google Translate or Babelfish. Also try using Google’s cache version of the site. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to login using these methods, so it’s still best to use a proxy for YouTube, though these tips work well for many other sites.

At school, everyone forever wants to boss you around. Your parents and school staff members are insisting on what you must write, who you must hang out with, what you ought to wear, and even what you ought to eat. It’s a long list. It’s kind of as if you’re considered to be a prisoner or something along those lines. You would think that while coercing you to go to and all these things, they’d at the very least be decent enough allow you to browse whatever web sites you will need to while you are there. But at least now you know how to unblock YouTube at school.

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