University of Iceland

The University of Iceland is probably the oldest University in Iceland. It is based in Reykjavik, the country’s capital.

The University of Iceland offers a very international environment. The high level of the teaching staff attracts students from the rest of Europe and North America too.

Medieval Icelandic studies are one of the major academic attractions.

A commonly shared past in the sense of Norse heritage is appealing to both English-speaking, German, French and Russian scholars and students of humanities.

As an Italian I can testify to the appeal of Old Norse literature in the south of Europe as well.

Modern Icelandic is in itself very interesting for language students and linguists because of its many conservative features and rich morphology.

Other reasons to come and study in Iceland are to be found in Geology. With its many still active volcanoes Iceland must be a unique repository of interesting minerals. Layers of lavic eruptions must be able to tell many a story to both geologists and archeologists.

An appeal can come to students of law and social sciences if one thinks of the advancement of Iceland, one of the Nordic countries, in areas such as Gender Studies and the like.

Again in the humanities folklore is a major attraction of Icelandic culture.

The country has been isolated for many centuries preserving not only the language virually intact but also legends and beliefs very much alive.

The University fee is very low even for European standards.

Once you become a student of the University of Iceland, you will have access to course material and other online resources through Ugla (‘Owl’), the University’s intranet system, that just recently has celebrated ten years of existence.

On campus you will find the University Cinema, that functions as an auditorium as well; the University Library with annexed National Department; the National Museum; the Old Dormitory, and a variety of facilities ranging from language labs to computer rooms, printing facilities, cafeterias and so on.

The Arnamagnean Institute for Icelandic Studies is also housed in one of the older University buildings.

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