Upright Or Chest Freezer – How To Choose?

When selecting a dedicated freezer for your home, you are faced with the choice of two options. You can purchase an upright freezer, or you can purchase a deep chest freezer. Below I will outline some of the advantages of each type of freezer so as to assist you in identifying which is the right option for your needs.

Positives Of Upright Freezers

An upright freezer is a great choice when you are tight on space to put it. Due to these freezers being rather tall, they can have a significant capacity without the need to take up much floor area. This small footprint means they can be placed in areas where a deep freezer would not fit.

Automatic defrost is a feature that is included in the majority of quality upright freezers in the marketplace. It is very rare to find a chest freezer with this kind of functionality. Without some kind of auto-defrost functionality you will need to perform a periodic manual defrost of your freezer – if this prospect alarms you then you should score this in favor of the uprights.

Urpgiht freezers usually come with shelving inside – as they would be very hard to load without them. This presents the basics of a system for organizing the contents, something that is often lacking in deep freezers as they come from the store. Do note however, that this deficiency is easily remedied in a chest freezer by the purchase of a set of freezer baskets.

Positives of Chest Freezers

A chest freezer has more usable space than an upright model of the same nominal capacity – sometimes as much as ten percent more. This is largely due to space in an upright freezer being taken up by the shelves mentioned earlier.

Pricewise deep chest freezers have a clear advantage. It costs less to purchase a quality chest freezer than it does to buy a comparable upright freezer. When every dollar is important to you this can be a significant factor in your purchase decision.

Perhaps even more significant is the lower operating costs of a chest freezer. Due to their form factor these appliances use less electricity to run than uprights. The result of this will be savings o your energy bill on an ongoing monthly basis.

As you can see, there are significant points in favor of purchasing either an upright or a chest freezer. Only you can determine which best suits your particular application.

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