Vinyl Banner-Types and how to Choose the Right One

When most people think of vinyl advertising banners, they have in their mind the picture of an outdoor banner that is affixed to a wall by rope tie to two hooks driven into the wall or hung between two poles. There are also other types of advertising banners that you can use such as a table cover announcing your company at a trade show, or maybe a table cover announcing the bride and groom or the person who has just graduated.

It can also be used as a back drop in a large trade show or as a free standing identification banner. They can also be used to hold a workplace safety banner, or as a way to announce that a certain activity or event is going to happen at a certain place. For example, it can be moved to a room to point out that this is where applicants come to fill out a job application. Being portable it can be moved from place to place as needed.

Vinyl banners can come in many different weights depending on what type you want and where you are going to be using the banner. For an outdoor vinyl banner you should use a heavier weight as it is going to be exposed to the elements such as wind or rain. Indoor banner should be of the lighter weight so they can be hung on the walls, from the ceiling, or wherever you want to display them

You can get ten mil vinyl banners, vinyl mesh, an eight mil polyethylene vinyl banner, for two sided printing you might want to use a thirteen ounce block out satin vinyl or for outdoor banners you might want to use a ten ounce reinforced vinyl. Before you choose what type of vinyl banner to have your advertising made on, you need to make sure what are going to use your vinyl banner for and what you are going to have put on the banner so you will get the right size.

You can find online vinyl banner dealers, templates to make your own, or find a brick and mortar store in your hometown to make the type of banner you want. If your event is something that happens each year, you can purchase a vinyl banner and put it away each year so it can be reused next year. Most of them will fold up neatly and take up very little storage room. Just know what you want before you purchase a vinyl banner.

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