Vitamins and Minerals, Important Part of our Healthy Diet

Vitamins and minerals are the main nutrients in our healthy breakfast and healthy balanced diet, the ones that make up the main bulk of our food. Now it’s the turn of the small nutrients, the vitamins and minerals which are impossible to see but we know they are there.

They started to be discovered and pinpointed in the 1700s. You may have heard of the sailors who after months at sea started to suffer from scurvy. Old wounds re-opened, gums bled, teeth fell out and new wounds didn’t heal. Eventually internal organs would break down and death could follow.

What was the cause of such a nasty condition? Some dreaded tropical disease? No, nothing as exotic as that It was simply a complete lack of fresh foods in the diet, and therefore an absence of vitamin C. They had no oranges, grapefruit, fresh berries or dark green vegetables to eat. In 1747 a scientist called Lind carried out a test on the sailors on MS Salisbury and discovered that oranges and lemons, a good suppliers of vitamin C, prevented scurvy.

Other vitamins and minerals have roles to play in the body t as important at this, and a lack of any of them can lead to a corresponding problem with health.

It’s uncommon for people in the Western world to suffer with the extreme deficiency diseases which are caused by a seriously low intake of vitamins and minerals in their diet. However, it is possible that lower intakes mean we don’t function as optimally as we might. Keeping up our daily intakes is therefore important.

Lilly Smith writes about healthy living and every day healthy diet. She is currently writing for about healthy balanced diet, food pyramid model and impact a healthy food and healthy diet has on our bodies and well being.

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