Three Ways in Which Air Mattresses are Commonly Used

There are at least three ways in which air beds are commonly used. The air mattresses in question are those which are filled with air, from which they draw the buoyant support they offer to their users. These air mattresses are also, typically, the most comfortable mattresses to sleep on, thanks to their remarkable buoyancy. Sometimes, besides the air in their chambers, they may also be lined with foam (including memory foam), the objective being to ensure utmost comfort for their users. But in all cases, they draw the buoyant support from the air in their chambers, hence the reference to them as being ‘air mattresses.’

As mentioned earlier, such air mattresses find three applications. Without further ado, we proceed to look at those.

1. Camping: thanks to the fact that they can be easily carried around, air mattresses find widespread usage by campers, who prefer to carry them as backpacks. This is usually on account of the mattresses considerably light weight, and on account of the mattresses’ typically compact size. There are some air mattresses designed specifically for use by campers. These have their weight further reduced, and their sizes further miniaturized. Features like self-inflation and straps through which they can be carried as real backpacks may be included too. Some of these air mattresses designed for use in camping expeditions can still be used in the other applications – though they won’t be as convenient to use as those designed specifically for those other uses.

2. Guest sleeping accommodation: air mattresses come in very handy for the needs of folks who find themselves confronted with more guests than the number of beds they have. More often than not, the couch is not a full solution either, because the typical couch can only hold one person – which may still leave several folks lacking a place to sleep. As a contingency measure to deal with such situations as they arise, many people opt to buy and keep air mattresses. What makes air mattresses particularly ideal for this sort of work is the fact that when not in use, they can be folded and stored away. In that regard, they are unlike extra beds, which can’t be folded and conveniently stored away. Air mattresses are particularly useful for this application because they are also quite comfortable to sleep on. Rolling out an ordinary foam mattress for your guest to sleep on may feel somehow counterintuitive – it is definitely not good hospitality, as it almost always ends being an uncomfortable experience at some point. On the other hand, sleeping on an air mattress ends up being a much more pleasurable experience than even sleeping on a bed. Most of the air mattresses used in camping expeditions can still be used for guest sleeping, then folded and stored away once the guests leave.

3. Ordinary day to day bedroom sleeping accommodation: there are people who, rather than using ordinary foam mattresses, opt to make use of air mattresses in their bedrooms. This is typically on account of, among other things, the air mattresses’ flexibility, adjustability and buoyancy (which translates into pleasure). There are some ‘high-tech’ air mattresses, complete with advanced features such as remote control, meant for bedroom use.

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