Three Ways Commercial Window Coverings are Different


Budget Blinds Commercial Solutions is the North American leader in commercial window treatments, but what is the difference between residential window treatments and commercial window coverings?  Window coverings in general are used to control the amount of light, heat, privacy and airflow entering a room. The main differences between commercial window coverings and their residential counterparts lies in the way that commercial treatments function and the stylistic capabilities between the two. More specifically, the three ways that these two treatments differ significantly is in their decorative capabilities, their size and the difference in energy consumption noticed by commercial buildings compared to residential homes.


Residential window treatments are often a blend of practicality and decoration. They are necessary to keep light, glare, heat, privacy and other elements out of the home; but they are also an element of home décor that can greatly increase a home’s aesthetic appeal. Window coverings used in the commercial sector are much more functionality based than decoratively based. Commercial building managers are often looking for the best window covering that will take care of their specific needs, not the coverings that will match the reddish tinge in their carpets perfectly.


Commercial buildings are typically much bigger than residential houses; therefore commercial window coverings are substantially larger. The increase in commercial window size sometimes eliminates different types of window treatments that can be used. Large window expanses often use window film in combination with vertical blinds or solar shades. The way that vertical blinds and solar or roller shades function make them the primary choices of many property managers who want a clean and easy to operate window covering for their building.


Energy efficiency is noticed on a much larger scale for commercial buildings because the ROI on commercial window coverings is noticed much more quickly than it is on residential homes. A commercial building can see a drastic reduction in their energy bill with the proper combination of window film and energy efficient solar shades that help keep heat out during summer and keep it in during winter.


Budget Blinds Commercial Solutions provides building managers with the perfect window treatment options to suit their needs. Providing solutions that are both in-line with the building’s décor and also easy to operate are two reasons that BB Commercial Solutions is the North American leader in commercial window treatments.

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