Wheatgrass Juicers and Juicing for One’s Health

A wheatgrass juicer makes it possible for anyone to make and drink fresh wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass is becoming popular as a dietary supplement for many vitamins and minerals. Just like drinking fruit or vegetable juice, it is a means by which people get a constant supply of much needed nutrients.

Multi-purpose juicers may be a good solution for those who drink both fruit and vegetable juice. However, one must know that not all juicers can be used to extract high quality wheatgrass juice. Centrifugal juicers simply won’t do. Masticating and twin gear juicers are much better.

Why? Extracting juice using high speed or high RPM juice makers tends to degrade the quality of the juice. It heightens the oxidizing process and kills a lot of the vitamins and minerals that is the main reason why people drink the juice in the first place.

What it contains

Wheatgrass juice contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are needed for a healthy diet. Drinking fresh juice can provide anyone with beta carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin H and vitamin K. It is also a good source of 90 different minerals and 19 amino acids.

Wheatgrass is said to have ”more iron than spinach, more protein than meat, fish, eggs, beans or dairy produce.” This grass can also provide two times more fiber than bran.

Juice diet

Some people go on “juice diets” in order to cleanse their system of toxins. Wheatgrass juice is good for that purpose as well. It is said to cleanse the body of toxins like carcinogens, metabolic waste and metals.

Due to the nutrients that wheatgrass can provide, many people see it as a complete food. One can simply drink its juice and consider that a complete meal. It does indeed have nearly everything a person needs to get from a healthy diet.

The nutrients that this grass provides are enough for many people to get their own wheatgrass juicer. As an exceptional “complete food,” it is said to help prevent other diseases. Just like fruits and vegetables, anyone who drinks fresh juice can help prevent diseases that are caused by aging.

Due to the fact that it contains chlorophyll, just like any green plant, it is good for skin problems as an anti-bacterial agent. Some people claim that this grass can even help with cancer. However, that has not yet been proven by scientific research.

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