Windshield Wiper Fluid Not Coming Out Quick Fix-it Guide

Do-It-Yourself Auto Maintenance: Windshield Wiper Fluid

Before a big trip, you might get a tune-up, have the tires rotated, and of course, load up the car with your bags. But you can still encounter a last minute problem–no windshield wiper fluid being dispensed when you attempt to use it. This is a problem with several possible causes, so here are some things you can try to correct it yourself.

If you are able to hear the pump running, but no fluid comes out, check out the following things:

Possible cause #1–is there still fluid in the reservoir?

It is entirely possible that the reason no fluid is coming out is because the reservoir is empty. The reservoir for windshield wiper fluid is a see-through one under the hood of the car that normally has a blue cap and is adorned with symbols indicating windshield wipers. If you cannot figure it out, consult your owner’s manual to find out how to check the level and add more fluid. Car dealers Oklahoma City service folks and auto parts stores can help you add more fluid, which can be bought very inexpensively by the gallon, and will work with you to test the fluid is now dispensing properly.

Possible cause #2–Have any connectors or hoses come loose?

It is also possible that one of the plastic connectors or rubber hoses under the hood that carries the windshield wiper fluid has come disconnected or failed in another way. If you start at the reservoir, look for a black hose made of rubber, very small in diameter, that leads back toward the hood. Enlist a friend to try using the wiper fluid while you examine this hose for leaks. If you spy any leaks, the hose is faulty and will need to be replaced. If you see no leaks, look for the plastic t-connector that joins the two black hoses together. Snap this apart and again have your friend operate the wipers. Is the pump running, but no fluid passing through the hose? There may be an obstruction in the reservoir itself.

Possible cause #3–Obstruction in the windshield wiper fluid reservoir

This can be a remarkably simple problem to resolve. First, take out the reservoir. Be careful with it to avoid spilling wiper fluid from any of the openings. Dump the current fluid into another container, and flush the filter. Hyundai OKC service personnel or other OKC used cars dealer service people will help you if, after this, your wiper fluid is still not coming out.

If the pump itself is not running, try these steps:

Possible cause #4–Has the pump fuse gone bad?

It could be, when no wiper fluid is coming out and the pump is making no noises, it could be due to a bad fuse. Your owner’s manual should direct you as to how to replace the fuses and which fuse runs the pump. You can also get a fuse tester from an auto parts shop or any dealer in car sales Oklahoma City.

Possible cause #5–Is there bad wiring?

If after all these steps your wiper fluid is still not coming out, chances are you are facing an electrical problem. This is a problem for which you should find a qualified professional to service your vehicle, to get it running optimally again.

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