Wireless Dog Fence Manipulation

Wireless dog fences come with their specifications though people have been able to manipulate such specifications to meet their needs. This is because some pet owners have two dogs and would like to monitor their movement so that they do not wander outside the yard and risk getting unknown disease, theft, and unforeseen accidents caused by vehicles. These pet owners have found the idea of buying two receivers and one transmitter quite cost effective yet with the safety of their dogs in mind. This method of tracking the dogs is quite viable since if either of the dogs goes beyond the boundary or trigger zone while with the collar on, active correction shocks make the dog to retreat. Wireless dog fence reviews are also key when it comes to investigating exactly which one of these dog training tools will best suit your needs.

The doubling the roaming area of a dog is quite possible and using cheaper methods. Buying and installing two transmitters (from certain manufacturers) in ones home for his dog increases the distance the dog can wander in the yard before shocks alert the dog that it has gone past its boundaries. The two transmitters will create two intersecting circles and at the point of intersection, the signal is cancelled allowing the pet to access the entire region. The two transmitters are placed to a maximum of 150 feet apart for the gadgets that can be adjusted between 30 to 180 foot diameters. By adding the two transmitters, a boundary of up to 180 feet wide to 330 feet long that is twice the regular distance that a transmitter allows.

There is a lot of information on how to double the area in which your dog can roam in the search engine while using wireless dog fence. To have all the options listed you can easily type double area.

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