Women Advice: How to Make a Guy Like You

It’s in women’s genes to want to control men through sex and typical female behavior. If she can’t have a guy with her natural charm she will then use other methods in order to get the guy, but how to make a guy to like you when he doesn’t like you for who you are? Because guess what, most of the information in the seduction community is based on lies and false pretense. By following advices taken from a book you will not be able to get any guy you want, you will eventually learn that you only need a certain type of guy and you will need to learn to ignore the rest.

Women have the wrong impression that the sexuality of men is simple. The saying “men are easy” is completely wrong. Yes, stupid men are easy, good men are very complex. Good men will always demand more from themselves and from others around him. In order to attract than man you must understand him first and foremost, before trying to apply any technique. You have to intuitively figure out if you two are compatible. Only you can really tell if you have a chance with him. Again, this is beyond any technique that you are trying to learn youtube or other website.

When a woman tells you “yes I know how to make a boy like you” that often means that she knows how to manipulate weak men into doing favors for her. They don’t actually refer to attracting worthy men that they respect but this is more like a game for these women, nothing too serious. When the same women find a real man for themselves they often find out that none of their techniques work. Why? Because it was never about the techniques in the first place.

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