The Yamaha Flute: Quality And Performance At Every Level

The high build quality and superb sound of every Yamaha flute is the result of decades of experience gained in building professional grade instruments. This same experience is applied in the design and creation of their intermediate and beginner models, resulting in excellence across their range of flutes. Made with durability in mind and using high-grade materials, a Yamaha flute is a great choice for both beginners and seasoned flutists. Their quality construction means that they will last a long time and continue to provide the songlike tone that is their hallmark.

Being one of the leading makers of flutes worldwide, Yamaha is able to offer players of every level an instrument that will suit his or her needs perfectly. The 200 series are a perfect choice for students, featuring durable construction and components that are designed to last while retaining undeniably pleasing tone. More developed players will find appeal in the 300 and 400 intermediate series instruments. These flutes offer an increase in the features of a professional instrument, resulting in exceptional tone while still falling within an affordable price range.

Premium quality is to be expected in the Yamaha 500, 600, and 700 flute series for the professional player. Components of sterling silver adorn the 600 series, and the 700 series is crafted entirely of sterling making for superior tone. Series 800 and 900 are for the professional player who demands the most of the instrument. Each flute is made to order by hand according to the particular desires of the player, creating an instrument that offers nothing less than the preeminent playing and tonal experience.

In addition to the standard family of flutes, Yamaha also offers flutes in alto and bass tunings, making for a full range of instruments for any type of player. With all these available options, plus their reliability, quality and distinctive tone, it is easy to see why the Yamaha flute is an excellent choice.

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